How To Automatically Share Your Blog Post To Social Networks in Seconds

                                    I know you might have been using hootsuite, twiterfeed, which has been disabled from posting to social networks because i am also a beneficiary of it, but all of this have failed you, and maybe equally contributed to your poor website traffic, thank your lucky stars you have arrived here to grab the solution of automating your website cum blog contents.

                                   I use Dlvt Website  in automating my contents within seconds. HOW DOES IT WORK?

1.    When you create account with them Add your active website or blog feeds 
2.    Add your social networks, i mean before this time, you should have join at least 5 important social media networks namely:- FACEBOOK , TWITTER , GOOGLE PLUS, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinrest, and others.
So, what does this mean for you?

Google+ is another place for you and your content to be discovered by millions of people who share common interests.

You can now manage all your critical social media profiles and pages from inside It's easier than ever to be even more organized and productive.

Last but not least, remember Google+ is Google. Google search is the largest search engine on the planet! The two services are still tightly coupled.

3.    Ater that, start automating your feeds, by automating i mean let the system automaticaly detect your feed once you have entered the link correctly.
4.   First of all select all the social networks you have earlier added, click on them one after the other and connect
5.  A this time you are the boss of how you want your post to appear on each of the socail media networks that is to say , you customize its settings to your test.
6. Finally click on connect and the sytem steadily crawls any new blog post you published from your blog and share it on your goole plus. facebook, twitter and soo on.


In adding your social networks, you have to grant permissions like below then click allow

Here as a free user or default user, you are only permitted to add 3 socail accounts, so i recommend you add those very important to you.

The below screensnap shows you how i successfully added my blog feeds. Very simple, add your feedburner URL inside the search just like mine, it will automaticaly dectect your feeds and that is the main automation. you don't have any rush in Feedburner. Com  To create one , they are all very simple.

add some little customization to the feed you added.

The below shows you how it looks like after successful setup then click on connect. Your account has been activated for automation.

Start blogging while you watch your post go viral on the socail networks. that is all about AUTOMATING YOUR BLOG CONTENTS IN SECONDS.

Feel free to ask me questions based on What has been updated and i will gladly answer you.

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