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Many atimes, have you wondered on the ethics by which a damaged or stolen sim card can be restored within a couple of hours? Prior to the topic of today, Let me take you back to How I Recover My Contact List In Minutes

Sim Welcome back also known as Sim swap can be reffered as an act or
means by which a damaged, stolen Sim/line can be recovered.
That means, when you lost your simcard, it will frustrate you from
recieving, making calls, Browsing, sending text messages and many more
valuables on your line.
Due to boring prerequisites otherwise known as requirement required of
you to provide before restoring the lost sim, many of us sees Welcome
back as a harculean Task ( What one could not do)
the reasons are not far feshed, Many years, our today customer care requires
Driving license, or nationality identity, lost sim pack, detail
information of the lost sim before this can be done.
This post will take you by the hand on how you can do this without
much stress by using your PC or on a Cafe as the case may be.
Moreso, distance or customer centres had been the major factor
why most of us has decided to let-go thier stolen lines, which suppose
not be. When you settle down right now and carefully follow my steps,
sim welcome back or sim swap will be a thing of the past on your side.
The funniest thing on my line is that I can't remember a time having
lost my line since 2006 of purchase, I thank The MTN NIGERIA for the
possibility of sim swap to be done even without disturbing thier customer care line 180.
Read A B C To Sim Contact Recovery


1. Purchase a new sim card, make sure you register it immediately
but don't insert it into any phone yet until after completion of the
online sim swap form.

2. Visit My Welcome Back Made Easy
fill in your details properly in the online sim swap form you will see
just as below details

- Tittle
- First Name ( 3- 1 last Name)
- E-mail Address
- Birthday
- Alternative Number
- info on old line
. Stolen| Lost | Damaged
. Was your MTN Line Stolen? Lost? Damaged?
3. After that, enter the phone number of the stolen| Lost| damage Line.
4. Jump over to Line ownership verification
( Customer must answer at least 2 questions correctly)
just like below:
- When last did you rechapge?
- What 3 GSM number do you often dial?
Be sure to enter number without country code
Example:- 08100012345

6. Then provide information on new line to be swap.
- Please you need to provide the number of the new line or kit number
of your new prepaid welcome back sim.

NB: All details about your new welcome back sim is located at the
back of your sim pack/kit. More to this, 
Every article written here on the said topic does not give you guidaince to sim registration, all sim registrations should be done at any MTN centres or Agents nearest to you. 

Finally, after following the steps, wait until 3 to 5 hours of the day to intialize your data before you insert it into your phone.
Alternatively, it can be done with your phone in the presence of MTN SELF CARE APPLICATION
When you have installed the above mention app on your phone, login, goto Sim Swap area, follow directives to perform your Sim Swap safely.

Hurray!!! This is what you have been looking for all this while, let me again freely give you a Software responsible of recovering your sim
datas in mintes.
The software named Simcard Data Recovery
can find any date of sim, restore back phonebook numbers, memory
status, Contact names, text SMS and more.
It has power to display your sim IMSI ( International Mobile
Subscriber Identity) and ICC ( Integrated Cirent Card ID) and works
with 3G, 2G or Gsm mobile phones.

- Feel free to download the software Sim Card Data Recovery

or get the crack version Here


After downloading, with the aid of card reader or USB, your info will be kept save for the future.

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  1. wow that mean i can stay at home and welcome back my lost line

  2. Can i retrieve my sim card directly online without the self care app?

  3. Welcome Victor!
    Yes it's possible you just have to make sure that the new swap sim has been rightfully registered.
    Hope I helped you?

  4. Hi!
    Sorry for The failure, how did you do it?
    I want to know.

  5. nice blog
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  6. thanks bro
    i followed the link you shared here but it read page not found

  7. @Olanyinka, sorry for the inconvenience it caused you, in compliance with the Nigerian Federal Government instructions on SIM registration, I will advise you visit any MTN office nearest to you for retrieval and registration.

    I hope it helps?

  8. what if the name used in the lost sim does not tally with d name used in the newly registered sim, will it work?

  9. Pls can we discuss on one on one Whatsapp 08038638389

    1. @Olankunle, sure add me up on Whatsapp on



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