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Google had prove to become the most leading Search engine in the world
today. Due to her features and easy services such as Aid to Protect
privacy, provides good keywords and alots more. Google account is a
user account that provides access to google- owned services like :-
Blogger, Youtube, Google plus e.t.c. When a google account is signup,
it automatically creates a Gmail email account. Users can add other
Google applications, account settings are stored in one place, but
many application may store their own settings. You can access the
following apps using Google account Adword, Orkut,Youtube, Picasa,
Google Groups, Google Drive the list is long.
A publicly accessible Google profile can as well be created via Google
accounts, which are use to control how they are presented on Google
products to other Google Users. Google profiles usually are linked to
a user's profile on various social networking cum image hosting sites
as well as blogs.

Obviously, Gmail account is said to be the pivot(centre, Engine
room) of all other google accounts because before one can access or
connect with other Google application, products he/she must sign in
ethier with a different account or an existing gmail account. This
gmail bores all your privacy and you must be very careful not to loose
it carelessly or lost it against hackers, Scammers. I am not suprise
to see majority fall victim of loosing thier account having failed to
take Advanced Security measures before now.
In terms of Security, Google asked to provide a recovery email address
to allow them reset your password if forgotten.

Maybe, you are a victim already, worry not, never despise your
gmail account for a new one. This is a tutorial that will show you
just a simply link of a page initiated by Google to Recover, Remeber
and re- edit your gmail forms. On that page, once your username

Example: [ ] is correctly spelled on small
alphabets, you have the privilege to access the following

- Beef up Security level
- change Mobile phone number
- Change date of birth.
- Edit Your Security Questions and Answers.
- Add another Recovery email address diffrent from google company.
and alots more you will see as I drop the link below.
To Perform the task, I advice you always stay login on your Google
Chrome with your personal Computer (PC) with Chrome anytime You access
google product it gets you automatic login because it has been saved
and stored on Chrome.

You have Forgotten the Password to your Gmail account, click
Gmail Accounts Updater then make sure you follow instructions to either
edit or add any security you desire and save it.

Alternatively, Google has a help links below to assist you too

- Forget Username click Username Reminder

- Verifying Account owners click Verify My Account

Get others from Google help links.

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